Amador Senior Visitor Program

Seniors can find supportive and compassionate visitors through the Amador Senior Visitor Program. Sponsored by the Amador Senior Center, this program connects a senior client with a senior volunteer who will visit in the home at mutually agreed upon times.

   Volunteers are caring and understanding men and women, who meet one-on-one with a senior in need of a person outside their family to talk with. Whether the need arises from a personal crisis, such as a health change or loss of a partner, or loneliness, senior visitors are sympathetic and non-judgmental listeners. They also have information about help available in our community.

Visits are usually weekly or biweekly and extend over a period of 6 months to one year. To request a visitor, to give a referral, or to volunteer for the program, leave a message for Eileen at the Amador Senior Center (209) 223-0442. You will receive a follow-up call.

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