Friday, July 18, 2014

Walmart/Target Scam Alert

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be at risk - it doesn't just affect seniors

One of our seniors called me today with the following info:
  • She got a postcard notifying her that she had been given a $100 gift card to Walmart or Target. The card had a "personal identification number" on it and an "800" number to call.
  • Although she knew  it was a scam, she was curious and called;  she got a gentleman who was apparently calling from somewhere else in the world and who used her name and congratulated her.
  • He told her that there was a $7.48 "processing" fee for so they could send her the gift card and he "just needed (her) credit card information to process the fee.
  • She (being one of our savvy seniors) told him there was no way in "h*ll" she was giving him her credit card number and guess what???  He hung up on her!
Yay!!! Smart seniors of Amador.  HOWEVER this is a scam that is going to target lots of people - like perhaps many people who have shopped at Target and Walmart and had their names/addresses hacked, and I am afraid that some of them are not going to be so bright as Hazel was.
So please get the word out about this however you can!

Laurie Webb
Amador County Commission On Aging

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