Tuesday, March 26, 2019

AmadorElders: Ordinance 008 to increase First Responder costs, public meeting on April 8

Note from Chester "Skip" Schaufel:
Chief White will have a public meeting in the Upcountry on the First Responder Fee. The meeting will be on Monday, April 8th at 5pm. The location will be at the Veterans Hall on 25100 Buckhorn Ridge Rd. This is a great time to ask questions and get the correct information. Please avail yourselves of this time to learn all you want about this fee and how it affects you.

Attached is the AFPD Ordinance 008 to increase the first responder costs from $0 to $364.  I have also attached the agenda where it was discussed. The Board of Directors for the AFPD is the Board of Supervisors plus 2 public members. They will be discussing and voting on this [Tuesday] April 16, 2019 at 10:30 AM at the Board of Supervisors chambers

I am meeting with Supervisor Forster and the AFPD Chief next week to get the exact meaning of this ordinance and to voice the Commission on Aging's strong opposition to this added fee which our seniors on fixed income cannot pay.  This has a real potential for keeping seniors from calling the fire department when  they need it for fear of having to pay this fee. The best way to defeat this measure is to be at the meeting to voice your opposition to this new fee.

I will keep you all updated as to the result of our discussion and will be writing an article for the Active Aging page to bring this to the public's attention.

Chester "Skip" Schaufel
Amador County Commission on Aging


  1. and NO meeting for us Upcountry Folks (and I don't mean Pine Grove)???? what's wrong with the Vet's Hall in Pioneer?

  2. Just another "tax" labeled as a fee. By-pass a public vote. Governor Brown did the same thing with his SRA fee a few years ago. Politics!!!!.