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Talking points for December and January 2016

Talking Points for
December 2015 - January 2016
Please call (223-0442) or send Laurie an email ( if you have questions or additional comments to share with the other Commissioners.  These notes are not complete minutes but rather highlights of information that should be shared with the community at large.
          If you are planning on presenting to any groups during the month, you might consider making notes during the meeting and noting the things that would be of interest to the group you plan to address. At the end of this document I will include the basic information every month as a reminder with an update of the current vacancies.
Notes from December 16 meeting:
** November meeting is cancelled due to construction at the Amador Senior Center.
  Highlighted items are new or most important on-going info:

Current scams that are more active/again active:
·        IRS “agent” needs your credit card because of back taxes  you owe. Remember that the IRS, Social Security, Medicare, the state Franchise Tax Board will never call you !! If someone tells you they are from any of these agencies, tell them that what they are doing is illegal and to never call again.
·        Microsoft technician calls saying there is something wrong with your computer and needing your password to fix it. Even if this person speaks perfect English, just hang up.  Microsoft will never call. If your computer has a software problem or a virus, you may receive an alert on your computer from your anti-virus program.  You must be sure that you have an anti-virus program and that it is doing regular scans.  Back up your computer on a regular basis.

Officers for 2016 were elected:  Skip Schaufel, Chair; Marta Rowe, Vice-Chair; Gerri Windsor, Treasurer; Linda Matulich, Secretary.  Laurie Webb, former secretary, will remain on the Commission as a representative of District #5 and as well as the Amador Senior Center.

There are two openings for the Commission:  District #1 and an at-large representative.  If anyone in the community is interested in serving on the Commission they are welcome to come to meetings and join committees until a seat is open in their district.

KayBee Alvarez, Linda Crabtree and Marla Vander Meer spoke about resources that are available to help residents of Amador access various mental health services.  Kaybee and Linda can be contacted through Amador County Behavioral Health and Marla works with Sierra Winds Wellness and Recovery Center.  A support system for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is being developed to supplement the current Grandparents’ CafĂ© meeting that are being held by the Resource Connection.

REMINDER: The Sheriff’s department has initiated a “Code Red” calling system that replaces the “reverse 911” calls.  This calls all landline numbers. If you only have a cell phone, you should register it at the sheriff’s office website.

Reminder about services and programs available through the Senior Center and funded by the Commission include the following:
·         Vial of Life (co-sponsored by the American Legion Ambulance) - $2 donation.
·         Visible Address signs (with funding from the American Legion Ambulance) $20 for a senior (60 and older) or $25 for Amador residents younger than 60. Installation assistance is available through the Amador Senior Center’s Home Repair and Safety Modification program. Applications are available at the Senior Center
·         Sheriff’s Hidden Key Program – free program. Forms available at the Center and at Common Ground.
·         Senior Resource Guide – free to individuals.  First 25 free to businesses and then $1 a piece for additional copies. Senior providers may have as many as they need.
·         Guide to Volunteer Opportunities in Amador – sponsored by the Commission on Aging. Free to individuals. Donations accepted from organizations or businesses.

Please promote these programs at every opportunity. For additional information about any of these programs or about Common Ground Senior Services or the Amador Senior Center, call 223-0442.

Area 12 Agency on Agency has completed the annual report from the survey done in 2014.  The Advisory Council members commented on some of the statistics that were in the report.  Amador is no longer the county with the greatest number of people over 65.  The report will be available online at the Area Agency website (  The Commission will also arrange to have a presentation about this report sometime during 2016.
Laurie reported that the repair and reconstruction project at the senior center was finally completed and the Birthday Luncheon would be served in the newly repaired and redecorated auditorium on December 18th and meals will be served there from now on.  The Center is selling See’s candy.

Basic information: (listed for your convenience each month)

·        Information about the Advisory Council and becoming a member can be obtained by calling the Area 12 Agency (1.800.510.2020) The Council serves as advisors to Joint Powers Authority of Area 12 and the staff of the Area 12 Agency.

·         Amador Rides (the volunteer drivers program that is a collaboration of several agencies including Common Ground and AT) is still in great need of volunteers. They are providing a dozen rides a month, 2/3 of which are out of county.  
•       20 seat Commission for Amador. Commissions are mandated for each county by the California State Department of Aging. The concept of the Commission on Aging was established in the original Older Americans Act.
•       Over half the members must be over 60.
•       Goal for appointments: three Commissioners from each Supervisorial district (appointed by the Supervisor or recommended by the Commission) five “at-large” members who represent the entire county and are recommended by the Commission or appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.
•       Currently the Amador Commission has 19 members. Needs are:
District #1 – one Commissioner (one person interested)
District #2 – Full
District #3  - Full     
District #4 – Full
District #5 – Full
At-large – one seat available 
        Currently 16 Commissioners are over 60. 
Younger members are welcome but must have some involvement with seniors that would be relevant to the Commission’s purpose: advocating for the seniors of Amador County- identifying needs and providing access to information.

        Brochures about the Commission and applications are available at the Senior Center or by contacting the Board of Supervisors or on line at the Amador County website.
•       Meetings are the held the third Wednesday of each month from 10 to 12 at the Amador Senior Center and are open to the public.

The next Commission Meeting will be held at the Amador Senior Center in room #3 on January 20th at 10 a.m. There will be a discussion of the accomplishments in 2015 and the plans for 2016.

Public is welcome.

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