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Commission on Aging Annual Report - Announcements

Dear Commissioners:

Attached (below) is the final draft of the Annual Report for 2012 prepared by Virginia Manner and Beth Platz. If you cannot open it, please let me know.

Commissioners: please review it and let me know if you approve the report for presentation to the Board of Supervisors.  We would like to present the report at the first meeting in March. We are using the picture from last year. If you do not comment or approve by Feb. 25th, we will assume you are approving the report.

For everyone's review: this information from Robin Valencia, Mobility Manager for Amador Transit.

Please let folks know that the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) meeting is next Monday (Feb. 25th ~ 2 to 4 p.m. and is held at the Transit Center in Sutter Creek and is open to anyone who would like to come, (Alexis Wiser is a member). 

ACTC will hold a public hearing at their March 20th meeting regarding transit needs of the community (Unmet Needs Hearing). This is at 6 p.m. at the ACTC office at 117 Valley View Way in Sutter Creek.

Our next meeting will be March 20th and the guest speaker (thank you to Virginia Manner for arranging) will be the new Veteran Services officer, Terry Sanders.

See you in March.

Laurie Webb


Amador County Commission on Aging

2012 Annual Report

General Overview

The Commission on Aging meets monthly, the third Wednesday of the month, at the Amador
County Senior Center, in Jackson, California. The commission’s meetings are open to the
public and they encourage both family as well as the public’s input and open discussion.

The commission is tasked to be an active “listening ear” to the concerns of our Elder/Senior’s
community population, those who are 55 years and older residing in Amador County.
Additionally, the commission strives to help provide venues for information and actively
advocate for resources that will maintain or improve the overall quality of our Elders/Seniors

The commission’s goals are set yearly to address the most current and sometimes ongoing
concerns. These concerns are many and relate to overall rural aging needs/problems in
relationship to the desire, while in many situations out of the need to continue to live
independently. Addressed are ongoing changes to medical programs, rural care providers, rural
coverage of insurance, Medicare cutbacks, veteran’s services, the housing sale values and
decline of, upcountry homeowner’s insurance cancellations, fire assessment/taxes as well as
concerns for personal community safety and ongoing food stability and the need for greater
transportation opportunities. As you are aware, our own Amador local cities and the counties
budgets are impacted greatly as a result of ongoing fiscal ill health due to the instability of a
sagging economy and of the Federal and State government’s budget debt crisis. Program
cutbacks or eliminations are felt most at the local government level which trickles down and
most dramatically affects the retirement Elder/Senior community.

The Commission’s outreach into the community for the recruitment of new members is an
ongoing task. Please note attachment of the current commissioner’s appointments and
vacancies. We appreciate the Supervisors help in identifying “active and concerned” potential
members in their districts of which they can appoint three new or reappointments to each
district. The commission is now seeking to find more representation for the new aging “Baby
Boomer” population in Amador County more than ever.

Amador County Commission On Aging 2012 Annual Report
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Goals of 2012 and the Accomplishments:

The Goals:

Co-Sponsor the April 28th 2012 Dementia Workshop at the Senior Center.
• We were represented with a table regarding the Commission on Aging’s resources
such as Vial of Life and Gate Keeper programs.
Form a committee and hold a public meeting to address fire tax/insurance Issues for home
and property owners.

• A committee was formed.
• We received monthly reporting on the progress of the Rural Fire Tax/Assessment
from committee members.
• Public hearing was set for April 2012 pending litigation issues with the state of
California. Due to litigation it was postponed.

Enhance promotion of COA by Adding Links to our Website and
developing a plan to increase community awareness of the actions and role of the COA.

• Continued support and attendance of commissioners to committees such as:
Area 12 Advisory Council.
Isolated Seniors Task Force.
California Commission on Aging
Amador County Transportation Commission
Utilized Amador Ledger Dispatch, Upcountry News, Home Town Radio, TSPN
2012 TV’s Todays Seniors Living Well 6 week program and Amador Community News.
Published meeting announcements in the Senior Center’s Newsletter the Three Score Reporter.

Representation continued for active advocacy for transportation services for seniors in outlying county communities.

• Participation in the Transportation Stakeholders Roundtable meetings.
• Commissioners attended SSTAC meetings
Robin Valencia: Mobility Manager addressed to COA with transportation updates.

• Increase awareness of Senior related legislation.

• Monthly potential state and federal legislation was discussed for action item necessity.
• Hav Staggs, a representative to the State Commission gave updates on the California
Commission on Aging’s legislative concerns.
• Reports from the Advisory Council Members of Area12.

Amador County Commission On Aging 2012 Annual Report
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On-Going Tasks:
Ongoing outreach education for the “Hidden Key” program established by the county sheriff’s office with Isolated Seniors Taskforce.

The “Vial of Life” program’s committee continues to be represented at the county/community health and community outreach related events.

Collaborating with new as well as existing local and regional senior related supportive services. Example: Representation with Area 12 on Aging.

One of the Commission’s successful collaborative committees is: The Gatekeeper Program. Its purpose to educate service providers and businesses that work or serve Amador county elders/seniors. Commission involved with the Gatekeeper trainings. Approximately 1,000 instruction and information cards were distributed.

The Senior Resource guide is updated and distributed according to distribution demands of community and agencies who provide community support.

Promotion for public awareness of the Board of Supervisor’s, Coast to Coast RX filling fee’s Royalties program. In 2012, the program benefited ATCAA’s-Amador Lifeline program. In 2012, both the Senior Meals on Wheels (2011 fund recipients) the Amador Lifeline program will share the yearly filling fee revenues.

To fulfill our mandate from the Board of Supervisors, the Commission on Aging will continue setting goals each year.

Amador County Commission On Aging 2012 Annual Report
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Speakers and Activities of the Commission in 2012

January: No speaker. We set goals for 2012 and formed committees.

February: Carol Harper, Editor of A.C.N Amador Community News.
• Topic: Developing a Public Relations and Out Reach Plan.

March: No Speaker. Edited final draft of annual report for 2011.
• Topic: Presentation of Annual Report to AC BOS on Tuesday 3/27/2012.

April: Robin Valencia, Mobility Manager for Amador Transit.
• Topic: Update on AT Programs: Dial a Ride and Senior Transportation Options.

May: Lynne Thomas, AC Behavioral Health.
• Topic: Suicide Prevention.

June: Tamara Harding, Education Coordinator Sutter Amador Hospital.
• Topic: Sutter Amador Hospital’s Stroke Care Initiative’s implementation.

July: No Speaker. Deanna Ding
• Topic: Update on Diabetes Health Fair on 10/19/2012.

August: Nicole Vasquez , Operations Manager American Legion Ambulance.
• Topic: 2011/2012 Annual Report Ambulance Services

September: Debbie Shally, HICAP program Manager Area 12
• Topic: 2012/2013 HICAP updates & open enrollment for Medicare.

October: Debbie Shally, HICAP program Manager Area12
• Topic: Changes to Part D with Medicare in regards to prescription drugs.

November: Joint meeting with Isolated Senior Taskforce.
• Reviewed programs such as: Gatekeeper, Senior Resource Guide and Hidden Key.
• Small presentation for Senior Peer Counseling by Pat Houghton.

December: 2013 Elections, 2012 reflections and organizational mixer

Amador County Commission On Aging 2012 Annual Report
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Commission on Aging Members 2012

District 1:
Two vacant seats
• Ursula Tocher (At Large)
• Alexis Wiser

District 2:
Two vacant seats
• Deanna Ding
• Chester (Skip) Schaufel

District 3:
One vacant seat
• Floy Goulart
• Marta Rowe
• Virginia Manner

District 4:
One vacant seat
• Kathleen Clark
• Gail Schifsky
• Louise Nunn

District 5:
One vacant seat
• Laurie Webb
• Julie Mathis
• Thelma Clancy

Additional Members At Large:
Al Lennox/Nicole Vasquez (provider) ~ American Legion Ambulance Post
Beth Platz (provider) ~ At Home Care
Ron Regan/Sharon McVickers-(provider) ~ Amador Community Care
Stacey Mathis/Ronna Esparza (provider) ~United Home Care-Provider
Carla Meyer(provider)~ Director of Amador Transit

2012 Amador County Commission On Aging Annual Report
Respectfully submitted by the Annual Report Committee

Amador County Commission On Aging 2012 Annual Report
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